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Bloodline : nikata
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PostSubject: bloodline   Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:07 pm


looking: a visual bloodline limit with in it's lowest state just the usual pupil but the pupil is pure white and that around the pupil is pure black(the pupil forms like a sharingan). In it's highest state the mangekyou nikashou it looks like a pure white snow-flake , the usually white around the pupil is still pure black


-can copy bloodlines
-highest state is the mangekyou which enables the user to use bloodlines that are out of the chakra range of the user

developing lvl:

normal nikashou (lvl 1) [developed= 15 bloodline training posts]
(lvl 2) [developed= 25 bloodline training posts]
(lvl 3) [developed= 45 bloodline training posts]
mangekyou nikashou [developed=60 bloodline training posts]

copied bloodlines: sharingan
demonic ice mirrors
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