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 How to fight

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PostSubject: How to fight   Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:30 am

You win when the opponent has no more life, when you dont have chakra or dont have enough for a specific jutsu you cant use anymore jutsus that waste up chakra unless you meditate to get more chakra, when you dont have stamina or dont have enough for a specific jutsu you cant use anymore jutsus that waste up stamina unless you meditate to get more stamina.

Ok i will make an example of a fight.

Player 1 posts
Fireball Jutsu (-10 chakra, 10 damage)


Player 2 posts
Replacement Jutsu(-5 chakra)

HP- 100
Chakra- 95
Stamina- 100

Player 1 posts
leaf rising wind(-20 stamina, 10 Damage)
Stamina- 80

Player 2 posts
Waterball Jutsu(-10 chakra, 10 damage)


Academy student/ Genin- Can post 1 attack only per post
Chuunin/Jounin-Can post 2 attacks per post
Legendary Sanin/Kage/Kage(Legendary Sanin)-can post 3 attacks per post
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How to fight
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